5-Steps Plan for GetSmartEffective Workplace Performance and Review

Golden Dragon is a public accounting firm which has been in existence for the last 20 years. It employs 150 full-time employees with a pool of 30 part-time workers who are mostly delivery and casual workers.

Roger Lim the CEO of Golden Dragon who started the business 20 years ago is a qualified accountant cum lawyer who believes in hard work, perseverance, and trust, which are also the core values of the Company.

Most of the employees in Golden Dragon are Qualified Accountants and CPA’s. These professional employees form 80% of the workforce, and the balanced are the support staff including Accounts Assistants, Clerks, Contract Specialists, Secretaries, HR Specialists, etc.

There are various departments including Financial Services/Mergers and Acquisitions, Company Secretariat, Audit and Compliance, Tax Consultancy, and Admin Services.

Employee turnover for the Company is below the industry average and the Total Billings have been stagnant for the past two years, despite an annual increase in operating costs owing to wage increments and the increase in miscellaneous expenditures.

Roger Lim has instructed the HOD’s in the various units to review their respective costs and expenditures, as well as the employees’ productivity. He has in mind a multiple- pronged approach, particularly to increase Total Billings and to reduce spending.

He was referred to the website www.goldworth.com.sg and was attracted to the GetSmart Effective Workplace and Review Page which he thought could have the answers to his Dream, i.e.to Increase Total Billings, and Decrease Costs.

Roger Lim had looked at the Course details of the 1-Day Workshop and was impressed by the simplicity of the things to do in order to achieve effectiveness in Employee Performance Appraisal, and Performance Management.

He could see that in order to retain an employee’s effectiveness in work performances, there must be three favorable conditions present, viz. (1)A conducive working environment for the employee to optimize his/her potentials, and (2) A work system in place to help the employee to do the Right things right, as well as (3) A support system for the employee to take action and make decisions without fear of “threats” and “criticisms” when mistakes are made, unintentionally.

His concerns are all covered in the GetSmart Effective Workplace Performance and Review, as well as the other GetSmart series of courses, e.g. : (1) Frequency in communication between a supervisor and the employee, (2) Positive reinforcement by giving an employee credits when credits are due, (3) Making the best use of each employee’s strengths, (4) Seeking opinions and feelings of the employee on matters relating to work, and (5) Telling the employee in advance on things that have impact on his/her present Job.


For easy reference,theGetSmart 5-Steps Plan for Effective Workplace Performance and Review are provided below:

5-Steps Plan:

Step 1. State the Job Title and Job Description

Step 2. Identify the Top 5-Key Job Responsibilities/Activities

Step 3. Identify at least 8 Behavioral Competencies – to excel on the Job

Step 4. Set 5-Smart Goals by applying the selected Competencies

Step 5. Take Action, Check Results, and Follow-up



Two questions came to mind when I reflected on the above:

  1. What are the Top 5 Core Activities/Responsibilities of your present Job?
  1. What are the 8 Behavioral Competencies which will help you to excel on the Job?