“5-Step Plan” to benefit from the SkillsFuture Credit ($500)

Many of you are probably thinking of  How to make the best use of the $500 SkillsFuture Credit?

(There is no universal solution in solving a problem, the best solution is the one which serves best – the objective)

Key to the above question is to identify the “Objective”. i.e. What is the Objective? What do I want to achieve?

A recommended approach is to use the GetSmart 5-Step Plan below:

Step 1. Identify the problem – e.g. Dealing with my SkillsFuture Credit ($500)

Step 2. Get the facts, and set the Objective/s – e.g. What is my current situation? Who am I? What are […] Read more

Applying “TRIAL + (4)” for sustainable productivity growth

TRIAL + (4) came about when I reflected on how Court judges asked questions at the inquiry sessions.

In a similar manner I would relate the practice of TRIAL + (4) to support sustainable productivity growth by asking a series of questions.

TRIAL + (4) simply means to Trust your fellow colleagues and team members in whatever they do, and Respect them for who they are i.e. to build unity with diversity. Questions asked would include: Do your trust your colleagues and team members? Do you respect them? What did you do to substantiate the actions? and ….

To treat your fellow colleagues […] Read more

The GetSmart Way – to achieve work excellence through “Unity and Diversity”

Many people asked me What is “The GetSmart Way”?

The GetSmart Way is a sustainable approach to achieve work excellence through “Unity and Diversity”

It is a practical approach based on the the fundamentals propounded by Management Gurus including Buck Minster Fuller, Edwards Deming, and Paul J Meyer, to mention a few.

My desire to develop the “The GetSmart Way” also known as GetSmart Productivity System (GPS) was motivated by increasing demands for sustainable growth and productivity enhancement in organizations, as well as for families and individuals.

The GetSmart Way incorporates the “3-Legged Model” for Success, comprising of (a) Developing a conducive work environment […] Read more

How to get a Job Fast

In this episode I like to share with you how I had helped many job seekers find the Jobs they applied for fast, by simply complying with what the interviewers are looking for in the selection process.

Essentially there are two challenges for the job applicant to get the job fast.

Challenge 1: To write an interesting CV to ensure that the interviewer calls you for the job interview

Challenge 2: To ace the job interview and to get the Job Fast


Overcoming the two challenges:

When writing the CV, bear in mind the job requirements, including the qualifications, experience, and job competencies. Make sure […] Read more

GetSmart Productivity System (GPS) and the importance of Life-Long Learning

Singapore Government is taking the lead in promoting “life-long learning”. There are ample financial assistance schemes available for employees as well as for the organizations to tap on for Life-Long Learning. Courses available for adults and matured employees range from Certificate Level, to PHD. Many of them are funded through the existing support systems through Workforce Development Agency (WDA), IAL, Life-Long Learning Institute, and other Approved Training Organizations (ATO’s). For more information refer to www.mom.gov.sg; www.wda.gov.sg; and www.moe.gov.sg
The existing adult learning programs available are mostly geared towards knowledge-based, and/or skill-based learning. I am of the opinion that there should be […] Read more

Secrets of GetSmart Revealed

If you spell the word “GetSmart” backwards, you will see the two words viz. “Tram” and “Steg”.
Tram simply means a transport vehicle. The definition of Tram from Google search is as follows: A tram (also known as tramcar; and in North America known as streetcar, trolley or trolley car), is a rail vehicle which runs on tracks along public urban streets (called street running), and also sometimes on separate rights of way. The lines or networks operated by tramcars are called tramways.
The word Steg is short for Steganography which simply means secret messages. The definition for Steganography from Google search […] Read more

HRM Story in a Nutshell (Part 3)

This is the third episode of HRM in the Nutshell

In this episode I will share the findings from the rank and file employees, and PMET’s I dealt with on matters relating to Employee Welfare.

Not in any order of importance, the following are the findings:

1. Freedom to take Annual Leave, subject to entitlement and work exigency

2. Flexible work hours as long as the total required hours for the week are met, and provided that there is no disruption to work

3. Flexible work place as long as the work responsibilities are achieved

4. Job enrichment and rotation in order to acquire knowledge and […] Read more

HRM Story in a Nutshell (Part 2)

HRM Story in a Nutshell (Part 2)

This is the second episode of HRM in the Nutshell

We heard what Jonathan and Rachel had to say about the topic of Employee Orientation and Induction which is one of the Core functions of HRM.

You could have already added your own views about the topic on Employee Orientation and Induction.

In this blog I would share some of the secrets of what other companies do with regards to Employee Orientation and Induction.

I need to clarify the Objective of Employee Orientation and Induction, which in the Nutshell are as follows:

1. To create a “great employee experience” for the new employee

2. To ensure […] Read more

HRM Story in a Nutshell (Part 1)

This is the first episode of the story of Jonathan and Rachel to review the key issues of HRM in the Nutshell

In this story I will share my views on HRM in a Nutshell – to make a complex topic, so simple to enable an ordinary person on the street to apply some of the learnings, if he/she deems fit.

The information shared in this story is personal and I respect all differing opinions and feelings. No apologies required.

The story begins with a married couple with a son and a daughter. The children grew up in a competitive environment/society where honor, […] Read more

5-Steps Plan for GetSmartEffective Workplace Performance and Review

Golden Dragon is a public accounting firm which has been in existence for the last 20 years. It employs 150 full-time employees with a pool of 30 part-time workers who are mostly delivery and casual workers.

Roger Lim the CEO of Golden Dragon who started the business 20 years ago is a qualified accountant cum lawyer who believes in hard work, perseverance, and trust, which are also the core values of the Company.

Most of the employees in Golden Dragon are Qualified Accountants and CPA’s. These professional employees form 80% of the workforce, and the balanced are the support staff including Accounts […] Read more