Transcript from an interview with Ong Hong Him

Interviewer - Q1: What is your purpose in life?

Ong Hong Him: My purpose in life is to help people excel in what they do.

Interviewer – Q2: What are your Values?

Ong Hong Him: My top three Values are Trust, Respect, and Integrity

Interviewer – Q3: What services do you provide?

Ong Hong Him: At present we are focusing on adult education, zeroing on Supervisory Skills Training.

Interviewer – Q4: Why is Supervisory Skills Training important, and what are the benefits?

Ong Hong Him: Supervisory Skills Training is important because Supervisors are the key to company’s success. They get things done through people, and if they are well trained the Company will have higher productivity.

Interviewer – Q5: There are so many of such Courses which are readily available and how are your Courses different from the existing?

Ong Hong Him: We believe that our Courses are focusing on the three Essential Skills of Supervisors viz. Skill in Leading, Skill in Communication & Giving Instructions, and Skill in Work Improvement. We believe that the essential skills will help Supervisors to excel in their role. Like driving a car, you need to go to a driving instructor/coach to learn the driving skills which are not taught in graduate schools.

Interviewer – Q6: What are the Training Courses available?

Ong Hong Him: As mentioned, we start with the three Essential Skills viz. (1) Skill in Leading, (2) Skill in Communication & Giving Instructions, and (3) Skill in Work Improvement, to provide existing Supervisors, as well as new Supervisors with the necessary tools to excel in their role. Our Courses are customized to Company’s needs, on a 1-Day Workshop for each Essential Skill.

Interviewer – Q7: We heard that you are prepared to undertake a "Success-Guaranteed" service for running the Essential Skills Courses for Supervisors, can you please elaborate?

Ong Hong Him: We believe in our GetSmart Series of Training Courses and would commit to the “Success-Guarantee” based on the Agreement, as follows:

Phase 1: Conduct a simple TNA to prioritize the Essential Skill needed by your Supervisors, to determine which Course to proceed first.
Phase 2: Work closely with you on the details of training which would include, (a) Clarifying the Learning Outcomes, (b) Deciding on Venue, Duration, and Date/s of Training, (c) Agreeing on the criteria for measuring “Success” (Learning Outcomes).
Phase 3: Work closely with you on the details of measuring “Success” based on agreed criteria (Learning Outcomes), to determine payment of fees/services rendered.

Interviewer – Q8: What other courses do you provide?

Ong Hong Him: We have two other Courses as follows:

  1. Effective Workplace Performance and Review
  2. Train-The-Trainers (TTT) Courses to Certify and License your In-House Trainers/Facilitators.

The Course on “Effective Workplace Performance and Review” would be a 1-Day Workshop, focusing on helping your employees to identify the critical activities required of the Job, and the behavioral competencies required for the employees to achieve superior performance on the Job.

The Train-The-Trainer (TTT) Courses are on a 2-Days Workshop for each Subject/Skill. It is intended to help you to develop your “in-house” Trainers/Facilitators. We will assist you in the Certification of your In-House Trainers/Facilitators, and to License them accordingly.


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