Train-The-Trainer (TTT) Courses


Supervisors are the pillars of success for the Company. They are often taken for granted to know everything that they are expected to know, and yet many of them could have been promoted from the ranks without much “supervisory skills” and/or training.

TTT Courses are specially prepared for Line Managers and Supervisors to develop their training skills in order to facilitate the “In-House” training for the employees on the three Core Skills (Skill in Leading, Skill in Communication & Giving Instructions, and Skill in Work Improvement)

The 2-Days Workshop for each of the three Core Skills Training Courses (Skill in Leading, Skill in Communication & Giving Instructions, Skill in Work Improvement) is especially beneficial for “In-House” trainers.

In this Workshop, learners are expected to conduct “mock training” and participate in role-playing as facilitators/learners for the Course.

GetSmart TTT (2-Day Workshop) – SGD $800 per pax – Approved for SkillsFuture Credit Scheme

The Learning Outcomes:

  • Able to identify the Critical Success Factors of a Trainer/Course Facilitator
  • Able to understand the Courseware, including the contents in the Participant’s Workbook, the audio visual aids, PPS, Flip charts, etc
  • Able to facilitate at least two 15 minutes segments of the Course during the TTT.
  • Able to conduct at least two In-House training Courses with the supervision of the Master Trainer or his deputy, using the Facilitator’s Guide as reference
  • Able to conduct Feedback on Employee Training and identify other areas of training when needed.

For Whom:

This 2-Days Workshop is recommended for “In-House” Company Trainers who may be the existing managers and supervisors.


The TTT is facilitated by Ong Hong Him, the Master Trainer and Courseware Developer, applying the principles and techniques of adult education with the use of Work-Sheets, Case Studies, Flip Charts, Music, Presentations, Reflections, PPS, and other means of communication.

The process of learning is interactive and participative with lots of information sharing, group discussions, role playing, and “mock training” and facilitating.

At the end of the Workshop, learners are expected to apply the techniques acquired in the TTT to facilitate training at the Workplace.

There will be post Workshop Reviews on the effectiveness of the TTT, including Follow-ups on the activities of the learners for the next 30 days to establish the ROI.


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