How to get a Job Fast

In this episode I like to share with you how I had helped many job seekers find the Jobs they applied for fast, by simply complying with what the interviewers are looking for in the selection process.

Essentially there are two challenges for the job applicant to get the job fast.

Challenge 1: To write an interesting CV to ensure that the interviewer calls you for the job interview

Challenge 2: To ace the job interview and to get the Job Fast


Overcoming the two challenges:

  1. When writing the CV, bear in mind the job requirements, including the qualifications, experience, and job competencies. Make sure that you meet with all the requirements stated in the job advertisement. Your CV must be so impactful and compeling that the Interviewer would feel guilty if he doesn’t invite you for the job interview. Keep the CV short and sweet – no more than 2 pages.


  1. When attending a job interview – play the role of the ideal person for the Job. Behave like you are the best candidate for the position. Speak purposefully and applying appropriate gestures/postures and voice intonation. Imagine that you are already employed by the company and that the interviewer is your colleague and team member talking to you on work-related matters.


The above sounds so simple and straight forward. With proper preparation, and mental awareness, getting a job fast is an easy task.


Two questions came to mind when I reflected on the above:


  1. When was your last job interview and what did you do to prepare yourself?


  1. If you were to attend the next job interview, what would you do to ensure that you get the job?