HRM Story in a Nutshell (Part 3)

This is the third episode of HRM in the Nutshell

In this episode I will share the findings from the rank and file employees, and PMET’s I dealt with on matters relating to Employee Welfare.

Not in any order of importance, the following are the findings:

1. Freedom to take Annual Leave, subject to entitlement and work exigency

2. Flexible work hours as long as the total required hours for the week are met, and provided that there is no disruption to work

3. Flexible work place as long as the work responsibilities are achieved

4. Job enrichment and rotation in order to acquire knowledge and skills that are beneficial to the employee, and the company.

5. Flexible benefits, to satisfy varying needs of employees e.g. when employee’s children have started working. Such employees may prefer to have more medical benefits for old age, rather than to attend children’s parties.

6. Company should provide childcare center facilities and/or to provide childcare allowance in exchange for some benefits which are less useful to the employee e.g. Hospitalization Benefits

7. Company should provide better cafeteria facilities including subsidized meals, in place of Annual Dinner and Dance.

8. Company should provide opportunities for employees’ continuing education, e.g. provide scholarships for employees to attend graduate schools outside working hours.

9. Company should develop their supervisors to be more people oriented, and send supervisors and managers for training on essential skills viz. Skill in Leading, Skill in Communication and Giving Instructions, Skill Work Improvement, and Effective Workplace performance and review.

10. Companies should provide interest-free Loans for house renovation, school fees to send employees’ children to universities and colleges, purchase of residential property for employee and the immediate family.The above list is not exhaustive. There are many other ways which the companies could enhance their employee welfare program.

Managers and supervisors can make a major impact by being more caring, and have frequent discussions with their subordinates on things that would affect them, as well as to find out their needs. Employee welfare could be enhanced through practicing and observing TRIAL – Trust, Respect, Integrity, Accountability, and Leveling (Fair Play)

Employee welfare is a critical success factor to enhance productivity. It goes beyond the monetary benefits, and the tangible gains.

Two questions came to mind when I reflected on the above:

1. What are your Top three employee welfare Items?

2. What are the existing “benefits” in your present organization which you would like to trade-off for other “benefits”