The GetSmart Way – to achieve work excellence through “Unity and Diversity”

Many people asked me What is “The GetSmart Way”?

The GetSmart Way is a sustainable approach to achieve work excellence through “Unity and Diversity”

It is a practical approach based on the the fundamentals propounded by Management Gurus including Buck Minster Fuller, Edwards Deming, and Paul J Meyer, to mention a few.

My desire to develop the “The GetSmart Way” also known as GetSmart Productivity System (GPS) was motivated by increasing demands for sustainable growth and productivity enhancement in organizations, as well as for families and individuals.

The GetSmart Way incorporates the “3-Legged Model” for Success, comprising of (a) Developing a conducive work environment with TRIAL + (4) , (b) Having a winning process/system with GetSmart’s 5-Steps Plan, and (c) Taking action with the GetSmart Action Plan.

Two questions came to mind when I reflected on the above:

1. How would you apply The GetSmart Way in your company, your home, and for your personal growth?

2. What are your benefits if you apply The GetSmart Way?