How to Develop and Implement FWA’s

How to develop and Implement Flexible Working Arrangements (FWA’s)

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Dear John,

Have you thought about how to make your employees work easier and to get more with less?

Do some of your employees have difficulty getting to work on time, or rushing back from work to cook for your children?

Are your employees making the best use of their time at your workplace?

If you can relate to the above, you will benefit a lot by attending the 1-Day Workshop on How to develop and implement Flexible Working Arrangements (FWA’s) in your organization.

In this Workshop you will learn about the benefits of Flexi-Time, Flexi-Job, and Flexi-Place in your organization and what the benefits are installed for you and your employees.

For example, if the you can scatter the hours of work on “Flexi-Time” and allow your employees to work from 7am to 4pm, or 7.30am to 4.30pm, or 8am to 5pm, or 8.30am to 5.30pm, or from 9am to 6pm, or from 9.30am to 6.30pm, or from 10am to 7pm., you could have your company operations attended to from 7am to 7pm. every working day, with each employee having to work only for 8 hours a day.

That way employees who have difficulties to start work at 8am can opt to start work at 7am and end at 4pm. Those who have to cook for their children can also opt to work on this arrangement.

Other employees with difficulty to start work early could opt to work from 10am to 7pm.

On Flexi-Job, you could consider re-designing your employee’s job scope to widen the job responsibilities through multi-tasking. That way employees get to learn more and become more mobile for job transfers within the organization.

On Flexi-Place, you could consider employees working from their homes or work at variousoutlets within the same company to allow them the flexibility of work places, without losses to work productivity.

FWA’s can help to enhance work productivity and as a tool to attract and retain employees. It is well supported by MOM through the WorkPro Work-Life Grant.

If you are interested to know more about the benefits of FWA’s, sign-up now:

Flexible Working Arrangements (FWA) (1-Day Workshop) – Tuition Fee: $298 per participant – Approved for funding under WorkPro Work-Life Grant

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